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About Loyalty Program

This is the original program by the r-loops group which appreciates logged-in and regular customers. You can earn extra virtual $ for your purchases and exchange them for products. We don't limit you - you can exchange them for a product you like - they are all available! After logging in, you will get 5 starting credits from us as a gift. One point is equivalent to $1.

Starting credits

After signing up you receive 5 starting credits from the r-loops group, which are worth $5. Remember, after collecting 10 points, you can exchange them for a product.

How to gain credits?

Each purchase of over $10 is rewarded by us with points. On the product page, for each of the products, you will see the amount that you will receive for the purchase of a given package. The value of points is calculated according to the final sum of your one-time order. Remember: you must be logged in, for the points to be added to your virtual wallet automatically.

Points scoring policy

Every $10 is equal to 1 point. For example, if you spend $10-19.99 you will get 1 point, if you spend $20-29.99 you will get 2 points etc. The value of points is calculated from the actual value of the basket.

How to redeem credits and exchange them for products

In the basket, you can choose the "Free payment with credits" option - this way you choose the payment with your points. Then, after selecting this payment, you only need to confirm it and voilà :) The minimum value to use your points is equivalent to $10, or 10 points. Learn more

Account balance

You can check your points balance in your panel in the 'Rewards card' tab.

Points can only be redeemed for products from the r-loops website.