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Lowest price guarantee

For the sake of your satisfaction with purchases made at r-loops.com. We have prepared Lowest Price Guarantee program. You can be sure that the product you are interested in has been purchased at the lowest possible cost. If you find a lower price with another retailer, we’ll gladly match that price. 

Which Products are covered by the lowest warranty?

Lowest Price Guarantee applies only to wholesome products, the quality condition of which does not differ from the standard quality offered by the producer. The Lowest Price Guarantee does not cover bundles and their parts.

How does it work? 

Only 5 steps away from buying your dream product at lowest price!

  1. FIND A PRODUCT - You can take advantage of Lowest Price Guarantee if you manage to find the same product that you intend to buy in a competing store.
  2. COMPARE THE PRICE - Compare the prices of the product you are interested in at r-loops.com and a competitive store.
  3. COPY LINK - If the price in a competitor's store is lower than that offered by r-loops.com, copy the link to the competitor's store, which shows the product at a lower price than ours.
  4. SEND AN E-MAIL - Send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected], with "#LowestPriceGuarantee" in the title. In the text of the message, include the link to the product in the competitor's store, your name and e-mail.
  5. WAIT FOR CONTACT - Our consultant will contact you within 24 hours of receiving the e-mail.